Dr.Saul Shaye


Q. How does one know if they are a spiritual healer?
A. If the results go beyond the therapeutic model or your training, you might suspect more is going on than you can explain. For example, say you were a massage therapist and work on a person who has a diagnosis of a stomach ulcer…the person is in extreme pain daily and the day after your treatment there is no more stomach distress. Coincidence, maybe. Then say awhile later, you give a massage to someone with a very tender heel spur that is diagnosed by x-rays; and shortly thereafter all the pain goes away and doesn't come back. As you observe more and more exceptions to what is usually expected by the therapeutic model, you start to have thoughts that something is occurring that you are not doing.

Q. What is a spiritual healer?
A. A spiritual healer, which is a misnomer as you are not the healer, is a person who has a spiritual gift that they can be a neutral conduit for Spirit to work through to promote healing physically, emotionally and mentally. The degree the individual has learned to get out of the way by releasing the preconceived concept and also to release the answer seems to be the determining factor in how successful they will be as a spiritual healer.

Q. Is the spiritual model different from the medical model?
A. Let me explain how I think Spirit looks at us in this dimension. Spirit looks at everything in our physical, emotional and mental bodies like it is a little battery. The battery is either full or not full. When it is not full, the particular function or organ or emotion may not work right. The area may become inflamed; it may have lesions or it may manifest a growth a doctor may call a "cancer." Spirit doesn't call it anything. Spirit says that the particular area is not fully charged. So everything in the body is made up of these batteries--like your joints are a battery, your organs are a battery, your glands are a battery, the nerves, your emotions, your relationships. How do we become not fully charged? Stress, strain, fatigue, injuries, attitudes, emotions, diet, heredity, etc. all may lower our electrical charge on organs, glands, joints, bones, etc. The spiritual healer is acting as a neutral conduit, and this is very important because it is very crucial to the healing not to tell God the answer. The basic prayer I keep in my mind while I'm doing spiritual healing is "Not by my will, but Thine be done in and through me--that which is the highest and best for all concerned." Why do we keep this neutral attitude? Because only the Holy Spirit sees the big picture and can judge accordingly.

Q. How can one do spiritual healing and not get drained?

A. You have to stay neutral. It is very important, as I mentioned previously, to release the preconceived concept and release the answer. Now when I'm doing spiritual healing what I've been told by clairvoyants who have observed, I shift into an altered state of consciousness. In that altered state, I can actually work 10 to 12 hours in a row with much less energy drain than I would have used if I had been working as a chiropractor as I did 10 years ago for 3 hours. So I actually have more energy now daily than I had 10 years ago when I was a full-time chiropractor. The secret-stay neutral. Don't tell God the answer. Be that neutral conduit.

Q. Statement: "I don't think you are a spiritual healer. I had a session with you and nothing happened."
A. My reply: Who's in charge? The spiritual healer by definition is neutral. By definition God wants everybody to have an abundant life and have perfect health. The only person who can receive fully, partially, or choose another answer, is the recipient of the healing. The healer cannot force the recipient to receive. Also after so many healings for so many years by so many people giving their comments that they had miraculous healing, for people to say that I'm not a spiritual healer is just not facing facts. And if the person is very mad about it, you just have to ask yourself, "Where is all this anger coming from?" It seems like it is misplaced anger. Maybe there is something else going on within them that they are frustrated that they have a problem and they haven't found an answer, but the statement is "Don't kill the messenger." As one Unity minister once said, "Dr. Shaye is here this week. Avail yourself of some spiritual healing. He gets amazing results but if you don't get a response of what you are looking for, don't blame him, he's doing the best he knows how."

Q. If you're doing spiritual healing, why do you charge?
A. Olga Worrell, who was considered the most famous spiritual healer of the twentieth century, had a perfect answer for that. She said, "Healing is priceless. You don't charge for the healing but you charge for the person's time as everybody has a right to earn an income," and that's why we try to keep the charges reasonable so that everybody can partake.

Q. I feel that I'm a spiritual healer. What would you recommend for my progress with this?
A. See what you resonate to. To give an example, back during the 70's I was very drawn to hear Olga Worrell's workshops. Not that I thought I was learning to do what she was did, but there was something about her that I was drawn to. If you're drawn to something, read about it, observe it, go attend lectures on people talking about it. Read books about it. So if you're interested in spiritual healing, go see other healers and what they are doing. Read books about people who have done spiritual healing to a great degree. People like Joel Goldsmith and Harry Edwards wrote a lot of books on it. Olga Worrell wrote one book, "The Gift of Healing" and Ruth Montgomery's book, "Born to Heal". These are different books that talk about healing; and if you resonant to it, what you're trying to do is you're not really trying to learn what these other healers have done, what you're actually doing is you are awakening what's already within you because spiritual healing is a gift. It's a gift of the Spirit. If that's what you came in with, different external things that you do will bring it to the surface.

Q. What exactly do you do in a spiritual healing session?
A. First thing I ask a person in a spiritual healing session is "What is it that you would like to have healed?" I do tell people if you have a "laundry list" to focus on the main 3 things because if you try to focus on too many things at one time you get too scattered and you don't allow yourself to receive very well. The reason I ask people if there is something specific, people tend to receive more fully if they participate in the process. An example, say you have a person who is an alcoholic and comes to you and says oh just fix everything. What's been my observation is the person who doesn't share where they are stuck, and that they know that's where they're stuck, they're holding on to it. They share where they're stuck or what their manifestation or symptom is, not for the healer sake, who's neutral, and not for God because God already knows, they're sharing it for their own benefit so that they can receive more fully. Say the person tells me they have 3 things they would like to have healed. I scan over the body; my hands basically dowse. I get information like I'm checking batteries. Should I do some healing with the spine, should I do something with the nervous system, should I check the blood, the body's chemistry? Should I work on the organs, the endocrine glands? Should I do some healing with the emotional body, the mental body, the energy centers? First I gather information on what it is we can do like charging batteries, Then I shift into an altered state of consciousness and let God take over. How do I make that shift? I really don't know. But I think it's like any spiritual practice whether it's meditation or prayer…the more you do it, the better at it you become. I shift into that altered state. I let Spirit take over. A few minutes later, I recheck these individual things like checking batteries. Are they fully charged? Is there anything more I can do at this time? Then I also check over the trigger points along the spine and do some vibrational acupressure in person. When I do my phone sessions, which I do half the time, I let Spirit do those trigger points for me. The reason I do the trigger points physically when I am there is to give people some feedback. A lot of times they are holding on to certain tensions they are not aware of. They may get good results by phone, but a lot of times, they are not aware of what they are holding. So when I am in person, I'll go ahead and do that portion physically to give them some feedback.

Q. Can I study with you?
A. Actually everything that I have to share about what I do as a spiritual healer, I basically explain in my workshop, A Healer's Odyssey. Also on my tape, A Healer's Odyssey,is also on Tape No. 2 of the Two World Series which is my chronological story of how I became aware that I was a spiritual healer. I go through it step-by-step. I share which dreams came at which time, what I did and how things unfolded because I don't think you really teach people to become like you. You help them awaken to what's already within them. Once again, quoting Olga Worrell at one conference, someone asked her a question, "How can I do exactly like you?" and say the woman's name was Mary that asked her. Olga had a wonderful answer for her. She said that God doesn't want you to be an Olga2. God wants you to be a Mary1. Occasionally at some of my stops, I usually speak on Sundays and then I do the private sessions Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Occasionally at some of the stops there is a person who is very interested in spiritual healing. They have been doing some healing. They ask if they can observe, and I have had people observe the healing sessions. I would still speak to people one-on-one in private before and after the session so they could feel that there is a confidentiality; and then during the session, they would watch if the particular person I was working on said it was OK. A lot of the time half the people that I work with would say "Oh that's fine if someone is going to be up there for just the healing portion since they are going to be quiet," and I'm still going to speak with them in private before and after.

Q. Is there preparation to become a spiritual healer?
A. I really can't speak for others because there are numerous healers that you have heard about throughout history; I don't really know if everyone of them had a period of preparation, if they had to go into long periods of meditation or if they had to purify the body, or if they had to have a special diet. I would think that they really didn't because, just like with spiritual healing, it's unconditional. For myself, I've been guided for most of my 53 years to get the body ready. When I was 10 years old, I was guided to start working out with the body; and I've been a body builder for the last 43 years in a row. The secret to maintaining it for so many years in a row is regular workouts. I make it a discipline. I'm committed to do it. I set the time to do it, and I follow through with it. I've also been very motivated from within to have a very good diet. What works best for me is food combining which is like the book "Fit for Life" that the Diamonds wrote, but it's actually a concept that was started by the Natural Hygiene Society which basically on their charts that proteins digest well with proteins over the green vegetables and then starches digest well with starches or green vegetables another meal and sugars, whether it's a fruit or dessert, is best eaten by itself. I've been doing that very strict over the last two years, but for the last 20 years, I've been doing that probably 70% of the time. Also it is very important to have a clear conscience. Maintain your integrity. Try to live the golden rule. Try to treat others as you would have them treat you. For me, it's placing God No. 1 in your life, and No. 2 is service to mankind. That's what works for me. I can't speak for others but that's what it's been for me for the last 20 years.