Dr. Saul Shaye does a 3-hour workshop/lecture with the overall title of "A Healer's Odyssey" which has two parts. Part One is approximately 45-60 minutes and is an overview of holistic health called, "If You Want to Know about Health--Don't Ask Your Doctor." The emphasis here is that 90% of your well-being is up to you. Dr. Shaye explains and gives examples of how we can take charge of our lives physically, mentally, and spiritually and how dreams can give you insight into each. It's concise, motivating and humorous. After Part One, there is a 15 minute intermission followed by Part Two which is on spiritual healing and is also called "A Healer's Odyssey." This part is the story of his own spiritual transformation from atheist to spiritual healer. "Although I call myself a healer, this is a misnomer, as a healer is a conduit for Spirit to work through." Dr. Shaye gives all credit to God for each and every miracle he has witnessed. He will share how God awakened him through dreams and inner guidance to the awareness of his "gift" from 1973 to the present. Volunteers are used to demonstrate the chronological unfolding of the healing. Some participants have seen a golden stream of light radiating from Dr. Shaye's hands as he works. Numerous miraculous cases will be presented to get people to stretch their beliefs so they will be more receptive when he does a group healing at the end of the workshop. Part Two is very motivating and inspiring, letting people know that we all have a gift of spirit and is also told with humor.

Churches determine workshop fees and time. Typical financial compensation is as follows: workshop 80% Dr. Shaye. 20% sponsoring organization; also Dr. Shaye tithes 10% from the private healing sessions and 10% of sales.

Dr Saul Shaye