Dr. Saul Shaye

  Dear Fellow Ministers: Dr. Saul Shaye has just finished a very successful time at our
church. He spoke on Sunday morning and shared his interesting journey. The workshop in the afternoon
was well attended and helpful to many. He had a full schedule of healing appointments on Monday through
Wednesday and a Wednesday evening Question and Answer session. This brought new people to our
church and others came back for this after they had been gone awhile. My personal impression of Dr. Shaye
is that he is "for real"--sincere, dedicated and a pure channel for the healing power of Spirit. I would
recommend him to you without any hesitation."
Rev. Julie Keene
Unity of Gainesville, Florida

 Dear Dr. Shaye: It was a great honor and blessing to have you share your healing
message and presence with us at Unity Church of Ocala. Having grown up in Unity and serving as a
minister now for 20 years, I have had opportunity to observe and experience many "healers" at work within
our churches and in other places. I have never experienced one who is more genuine, wonderful to work
with and as organized as you are. Your Sunday presentation served not only those who came seeking your
special healing message, but those who may have come for the first time not knowing you would be
speaking. Your message was all "Unity" with a captivating delivery. I found the same to be true for your
workshop presentation. It's organization, delivery and audience response were wonderful. Your healing
presence has been a great blessing to me personally and to our church. The people with whom I have
interacted with that you met in the personal sessions the following Monday through Wednesday have
responded very positively with several repeat visits. I bless and give thanks to you for blessing our church
with your presence and highly recommend your services for others.
Rev. Judith L. Crooks
Unity Church of Ocala, Florida

It was indeed a pleasure to have you back into our community. It was obvious to me that you are still a man, very much in love with your calling and I felt your passion for this work. I loved and felt the healing energy as it expressed through you, and I was so pleased you constantly gave Spirit the credit reminding us all of our teaching, "It is not I but The Christ within that does the work." During your workshop you were clear, concise and you always demonstrated how your healing journey evolved. The workshop gave people the confidence to return for their private healing session. I personally heard many positive remarks from others concerning the workshop and their private sessions.

I so appreciated the session that I had with you. I left with a sense of well-being and with concrete actions to take. Thank you. I do look forward to your return. Let's not wait seven years.

Reverand Pat Williamson                                                     June 02, 2016

Unity Minneapolis, Minneapolis, MN

Our ministry had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Saul Shaye this past May. Dr. Shaye had been here in the past. He was well received at that time, and equally so on his recent visit. Dr. Shaye gave a workshop on his personal history as a healer, beginning with his chiropractic training, and gradually moving beyond that modality to one of spiritual healing. He demonstrated on several of the participants, and the results were immediately visible. That was enough of an endorsement for several members to schedule private sessions with him for healing. In addition to our congregation, others from the community came for healing sessions with Dr. Shaye. I wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Shaye as a wonderful example of spiritual healing, in myself, in others, and even in our spiritual community's finances!

Rev. Mari Gabrielson                                                    June 20, 2016

Unity in Milwaukee

We had the largest crowd at your workshop that we have experienced since coming to the Daytona
Church. The comments of those coming out of the private session and the look on their faces were a joy to
hear/see. We truly look forward with keen anticipation to having you in our midst again whenever you are
in this area.
Drs. Ernest and Florence Phillips
First Church of Religious Science of Greater Daytona
Ormand Beach, Florida

Thank you for coming to Pacific Church of Religious Science. Your presence here made a tremendous
difference, and to say the least was a huge success. I would recommend you very highly. We definitely look
forward to having you return in the future. You have a tremendous gift.
Rita Kahn, Speaker Coordinator
San Diego, California

It is my great pleasure to write you and tell you about our experience with Dr. Saul Shaye. This past
September, Dr. Shaye came and spoke at our Church. I have to admit I was a bit leery when he described
himself as a healer. Since I had seen several letters by other churches who had heard him, and the glowing
reports, we decided to give him a try. Let me tell you, we were anything but disappointed. Our church is
very small and located in the panhandle of Northern Idaho. We have very few members, but this was the
most prosperous Sunday we have had in a very long time. He spoke in the morning and our tithe was up at
least double it's usual amount. The workshop that followed was very well attended in that we had even
more people at it. Please try having him at your church and I promise you will not be disappointed. He has
a great message to give and coupled with the increase in revenue you can't miss.
Linda Lee Green, Vice President-Board of Trustees
Science of Mind Center of Light
Coeur d' Alene, Idaho

Our founder, Dr. Ernest Holmes, taught that there are two forms of Spiritual Mind Treatment, or
Affirmative Prayer. One is called "argumentation" and the other "realization." As I watched you work with
people, it struck me that you were demonstrating the "realization" technique of treatment. You were just
knowing the healings were complete. You lifted the level of faith for all of us.
Rev. Don Walsh
Antelope Valley Church
Lancaster, California

Your visit to our church  was indeed one of the major benchmarks of positive change we
have been experiencing recently. Everyone who had a healing session with you has very positive comments
about your professional manner and sincere devotion to their well being. Some people have spoken of very
definite healings after being with you. I wholeheartedly enjoyed having you here and enthusiastically
recommend your visit to any Church or spiritual organization.
Rev. Patrick Pollard
1st Church of Religious Science
Albuquerque, New Mexico

 Thank you for your presentation and workshop during your recent visit to Unity of Sedona.
Your presentation was one of the most successful and well-attended events that we have had all year. We
look forward to your return next year.
Rev. Ann Marie Davis
Unity of Sedona, Arizona

 It is my privilege to highly recommend Dr. Saul Shaye as a very enlightening and
dynamic presenter at your church. His stories are filled with truth principles, told with humor and
originality. He inspires people to accept the miracle of healing in their lives. His energy was amazing. Time
passed so quickly. People wanted to hear more! His one-on-one sessions were almost filled even before he
arrived. I heard only outstanding comments by all who heard him, and all who were fortunate enough to
have healing sessions with him. We are eagerly awaiting his next visit.
Billie Blain, Minister
Sunrise Unity Church
Citrus Heights, California

It's been over a month since you were here and people are still talking about how wonderful your healings
were. The healing that you do is hard to explain, but I know it touches very deeply within and frees up pain
that has been held for a long time. Your healing energy is very gentle and spiritual and Christ inspired. I
recommend your healing seminar, your Sunday talk and your private sessions to any church. Indeed,you do
a mighy work with style and grace. You are a great blessing.
Rev. Mary True
Unity of Petaluma, California

Thank you is such a trite phrase to express the gratitude we feel for the blessings received from your visit
to our Unity Church of Christianity in Chesterland, Ohio. The following were just a few testimonies of
results from the 115 personal healing sessions you conducted: A stroke victim is now able to move her
affected left arm around at will; a woman with three years of ringing in the ears reports it gone; an
individual who asked you for a career healing reports that the very next day she received a call that she had
gotten a great job she had no hope of getting; a woman with 15 years of fibromyalgia testified to our
congregation that it is completely gone; another had a dramatic physical and emotional healing visible to all
of us; my young nephew asked you for a career healing and today landed a job at double the salary, with
full benefits and tuition for college courses provided.
Judy McCracken, Events Coordinator
Unity Church of Christianity
Chesterland, Ohio

 I want to personally thank you for sharing your healing work with us at Unity of
Bellingham. You were truly an inspiration to all of us. There have been so many good reports that I can't
keep track of all of them. When it comes to workshops, we found that over the past few years we have had
to cut back on the number and frequency of speakers because of the lack of interest and support. In your
case, it is obvious that the topic was of great interest and the support was incredible. You were very
professional in all aspects of your work. Please take this to be a recommendation of the highest order. I can
hardly wait for the two years to go by so that we can have you return and share more of your work with us.
Peter L. Rhea, Minister
Unity of Bellingham, Washington

 Thank you for your recent visit to Unity of Ocala. I have had many workshops and
heard many speakers over the years, and I must admit I am very critical. I was impressed by your Sunday
lesson and especially by your workshop. We filled the place with people interested in healing, and no one
was disappointed. Your knowledge of the healing energies and the Source from which it comes was
balanced with practical insights from your own life and a delightful blend of humor. The workshop touched
each person and held their attention throughout. I have head only positive comments about your entire
presentation. And good reports keep coming in about the healing results from the private sessions you
conducted. In Florida in the winter, we have an endless parade of seminar offers. You are the genuine
article and truly work to share your remarkable gift with all people. With clear conscience I can highly
recommend you and your work. We look forward to your next visit.
J. Scott Thornton, Minister
Unity of Ocala, Florida

 It was a pleasure and a privilege to have you here at Unity Church of Sedona. Living
in this magical place, to which so many magical healers are drawn, we are very hesitant to have seminars
with guest healers. The response to your seminar and work was impressive to say the least. I was impressed
with the overwhelming response by the congregation and community. The results that were reported to me
were very significant. You were very easy to work with and most accommodating to the request for
appointments at unusual times. Your stamina is clearly a result of working from the heart. I thank you for
your visit to Unity and look forward to your returning in the future.
Max Lafser, Minister
Unity Church of Sedona, Arizona

 Workshops and quest speakers are a common occurrence in our church. But, there is
nothing "common" about your presentation, the healing work that you do, or your awareness of: "it is not I,
but the Father within who does the work." Your very down to earth manner and humble awareness of the
Source of all healing allows you to help others in a non-threatening way. I am grateful for my own personal
healing and for that of many members of our congregation. We all look forward to your return. As an added
bonus and blessed surprise, your workshop and private sessions generated more funds for us than any of
our fund raisers in the past year. In love and gratitude,
Lee Byrns, Minister
Unity Church of Greater Daytona, Florida

Thank you for coming to Memphis and especially for your presence at Unity Church of Memphis. Your
Sunday lesson was inspiring, your workshop impressive. Your visit has been a powerful spiritual influence
on our congregation and to many others in the Memphis community. The feedback from those who had
private sessions with you has been overwhelmingly positive. Many people felt significant results and some
have described their experience after the session as miraculous. We are all looking forward to your next
visit with us.
Connie Freeman, Minister
Unity Church of Memphis, Tennessee

 Thank you so much for being with us at Unity of Fort Worth. Your dedication to the works
of healing is very apparent and your energy and enthusiasm were inspirational. Thank you also for your
flexibility and willingness to see so many clients. I have heard many good reports about both the workshop
and the private sessions. The financial arrangements also made it a win-win situation for all concerned. In
the Spirit of Unity,
Paul John Roach, Minister
Unity of Fort Worth, Texas

 In the course of the past 18 years as a Unity Minister I have had occasion to observe
a large number of "healer's" seminars and workshops. I can truthfully say I have never attended a more
dynamic workshop, nor a more enjoyable one. Your presentation was clear, genuine, and a remarkable
demonstration of a very rare spiritual gift. The members of our congregation were overwhelmingly
impressed and grateful for you and your work and are already expecting to welcome you back on your next
California tour.
Robert Hungerford, Minister
Unity Church of Palmdale, California

What a blessing you brought to Tampa Unity. The cameo presentations you made at our two services to
introduce your workshop, the workshop itself and then the private healing sessions on Monday & Tuesday
all proved to be so beneficial to me and my people. I will have no reservation in recommending you highly
to my fellow Unity Ministers. I'm sure we will be having you come back in the not too distant future.
Ross Goodman, Minister
Tampa Unity, Florida

I am so happy you were scheduled to give the message at the Sunday services at Unity Church of Boulder,
and present a workshop there last Sunday afternoon, so that I would have this opportunity to meet you! I
thought your workshop was absolutely wonderful, and I have heard glowing reports that it was the largest
workshop Unity Church of Boulder had all summer. Your story on how you became a spiritual healer with
demonstrations truly touched the participants in a way I haven't seen before. Your introductory talk on
wellness that all seemed to enjoy, was practical, easy to understand and humorous. You have such a
peaceful presence that is real and sincere in every way. I have witnessed miracles as I have observed your
treatments during the last few days, and I feel you are truly one of the few authentic healers in the world
Sasha White, CEO
Campaign for the Earth Foundation
Boulder, Colorado

I would highly recommend you to anyone who has a sincere interest in healing.
Rev. Al LaBrec
Unity Church by the Shore
Asbury Park, New Jersey

Thank you so much for the wonderful Sunday lesson and afternoon workshop presented at Unity Church
in the Rockies. I've heard a number of enthusiastic and positive comments regarding Sunday's activities,
and especially from folks who experienced private healing time with you. Inasmuch as we are a smaller
congregation (around 100) the financial arrangements enabled us to "open the door" to a very meaningful
experience for our congregation. Thank you for coming to Colorado Springs, and we will look forward to
your next visit to our area.
Rebekah A. Dunlap, Minister
Unity Church in the Rockies, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Thank you so much for the wonderful message at the Sunday service, for the workshop you presented, and
for the healing sessions that you conducted. I got many responses in person and over the phone during the
week about your healing sessions and workshop. The workshop was thought-provoking and practical. The
participants learned a lot about healing and themselves. They reported to me healings in all areas of their
lives, from physical to emotional to spiritual. During my healing session with you on Monday morning, I
got relief from a whiplash injury that had been bothering me for over 20 years. God is blessing us with your
presence on this planet and we look forward to your next visit with us.
Rev. Kathleen A. Bishop, Minister
Unity of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

The best workshop we've ever had. This is the exact quote from many of our attendees.
Joan McKee, Minister
Unity Church of the Hill Country, Kerrville, Texas

 Dr. Saul Shaye appeared here recently and was an unequivocal hit! Not only is he an
able presenter who is comfortable with sundry metaphysical sourcing, but several of our congregants said
he made a real difference in their sense of their own health. He certainly took no credit for what he did,
giving that to Spirit, but he more than delivered what he promised.
Pastor Jim Schrotel
Unity Chapel of Light, Santa Maria, California

 Thank you for serving my congregation in the gentle, warm, and encouraging manner that
you did this past weekend. Many of my members spoke highly about your genuineness and humbleness of
spirit. It is encouraging to see someone with such rich spiritual gifts share them so willingly and give credit
to God, where credit belongs. I was pleased with the attendance at your seminar, having spoken at church
the day before. I was also pleased at the great number of people who took part in your individual sessions. I
look forward to having you back next May.
Claudell Hefner, Minister
Unity Church of Harrisburg, PA

 Your visit last summer has left a lasting impression on many of us here at Unity South.
Thank you for your unique and powerful demonstration of God's energy in us and through us. I know that
some people were skeptical of your appearance since it is so difficult to accurately describe and
communicate exactly what you do and how you do it, but there were few skeptics left after Sunday morning
and none after their private sessions with you--me included!
Philip Laporte, Minister
Unity South, Bloomington MN

It has been a truly great blessing having you here in our church these past few days. Your energy is
beautiful, very clear, and your integrity impeccable. Thank you for sharing your gift of spiritual healing
with us all. Your workshop was very informative, including convincing demonstrations of how these divine
ideas work through us. Your example speaks even louder than your words. We look forward to having you
Carolyn Wenzel, Minister
Unity Church for Love & Light
Friendswood, Texas

It was a real pleasure to meet and get to know you. It's not often that our congregation warms up to a new
presenter as quickly as with you. Your high energy and personable approach made for a memorable
program. We are grateful to you for sharing your healing gifts with us. Your results are surely impressive,
but more important is the way you 'walk' participants through your process of understanding the healing. It
demystifies the subject of spiritual healing and empowers us with the knowledge of the source of the
power. I look forward to your return trip next year.
Rob Robinson, Minister
Unity Christ Church, Minneapolis MN

The response to the workshop was gratifying and financially rewarding to my church. I have been
approached by many who attended the workshop thanking me for bringing you to Vermont. I tell them that
it was your generosity which brought you to us. Not all presenters are willing to work with small groups
such as ours. Thank you for having faith in us! The response from the private healing sessions has also been
very positive. One man, Michael, who suffered ongoing pain from a past auto accident has had much relief.
Not only has the pain lessened significantly but toes of a foot which had been damaged in the accident are
beginning to return to their normal position--after he had been told nothing could be done. My husband's
back is better than it has been in years. He no longer needs chiropractic attention twice a week. He is
standing straighter and moving more freely than ever before. Even our dog, Keeper, who you were so kind
to do a healing on, has greatly improved. As I explained at the time, he has no connecting tissue between
the joint of his left ankle. For weeks after the healing he was running and playing like I have never seen
him do. It made me realize how much pain he had been in.
Pat Carpenter, Minister
Unity Church of Vermont, Williston, VT

Your workshop on Sunday was a wonderful, practical, healing and very enlightening experience for the
members and friends of Unity Church of Charleston. This was your second time here in Charleston and we
certainly expect to welcome you back on your next Southeastern tour.
Mary Ann Finch, Minister
Unity Church of Charleston, South Carolina

Thank you for coming and sharing your heart and love of Spirit with Unity Church of Royal Oak. It was
truly a pleasure to have you here and to experience you and the healing work that Spirit does so well
through you. I also want to thank you for the awareness of spiritual healing that you have not only gleaned,
but than you have chosen to share as a way of life.
Chuck Hancock, Minister
Unity Church of Royal Oak, Michigan

Thank you for healing gifts which you so generously shared with us here at Unity Church of the Valley.
Participants in your workshop, as well as those who signed up for individual appointments were
overwhelmingly positive in their response. I appreciate the efficient approach you utilize in every aspect of
your work. The well-organized promotional materials, as well as your interaction and presentation is highly
professional. You are obviously doing the work you are intended to do.
Vic Jenkins, Minister
Unity Church of the Valley, Vacaville CA

 Please feel free to use this letter as a reference. Your healing work was very well received
here at our church. Your way of being blessed us and I received many good reports from those who
attended your individual healing sessions. We have already booked you for a return visit in October of the
year 2000, so that should give some indication of your gift to us. The financial blessings received by our
church were also significant.
Marshall Norman, Minister
Unity Church of Kent, Washington