Dr. Saul Shaye


Dr. Saul Shaye was a chiropractor by day and a healer by night from October 1975 to January 1993. By day, he worked with his physical hands at his clinic. In the evening, he worked with his hands of radiating light, channeling universal energy to treat people who were often hundreds of miles away. Now he is doing the healing work full time.

Q. What exactly do you do in a spiritual healing session?

A. First thing I ask a person in a spiritual healing session is "What is it that you would like to have healed?" I do tell people if you have a "laundry list" to focus on the main 3 things because if you try to focus on too many things at one time you get too scattered and you don't allow yourself to receive very well. The reason I ask people if there is something specific, people tend to receive more fully if they participate in the process. An example, say you have a person who is an alcoholic and comes to you and says oh just fix everything. What's been my observation is the person who doesn't share where they are stuck, and that they know that's where they're stuck, they're holding on to it. They share where they're stuck or what their manifestation or symptom is, not for the healer sake, who's neutral, and not for God because God already knows, they're sharing it for their own benefit so that they can receive more fully. Say the person tells me they have 3 things they would like to have healed. I scan over the body; my hands basically dowse. I get information like I'm checking batteries. Should I do some healing with the spine, should I do something with the nervous system, should I check the blood, the body's chemistry? Should I work on the organs, the endocrine glands? Should I do some healing with the emotional body, the mental body, the energy centers? First I gather information on what it is we can do like charging batteries, Then I shift into an altered state of consciousness and let God take over. How do I make that shift? I really don't know. But I think it's like any spiritual practice whether it's meditation or prayer…the more you do it, the better at it you become. I shift into that altered state. I let Spirit take over. A few minutes later, I recheck these individual things like checking batteries. Are they fully charged? Is there anything more I can do at this time? Then I also check over the trigger points along the spine and do some vibrational acupressure in person. When I do my phone sessions, which I do half the time, I let Spirit do those trigger points for me. The reason I do the trigger points physically when I am there is to help people receive more fully because of their linear belief system. Some contact makes them more receptive as they think God is more present, although God is always present.


Dr. Shaye can communicate with the body with energy by asking anything dealing with health matters. He receives a "yes" or "no" response based on the question. Dr. Shaye's patients have experienced many different responses to his spiritual healing treatments. A visible balancing of the spinal muscular connection is observed 95% of the time. Other healing sensations that have been experienced include heat, tingling, stretching, colors, mental images, a sense of peace and an overriding sense of love. Spiritual healing treatments have produced a much faster response than physical treatments, often with conditions Dr. Shaye would not be able to treat nor would have the knowledge to treat.

Healings are available in person or by phone in the following areas: physical, emotional, mental, career, relationships, finances and pets. 


In person $50.00 (takes about 20 min)

Over the phone or at a designated time (usually takes about 10 min) $30.00

-when people ask, how come so quick?, I tell them God works fast.