Dr. Saul Shaye

spiritual healer

             These stories are from "The Little Book of Miracles"

My Words 

Hello, my name is Lois Mallinder... the booklet you are reading from, and can order and hold in your hand today is written from my heart and the hearts of so many like me who feel an overwhelming desire to help others understand the wonderful God-given gift that is available to YOU! I pray I am able to write the correct words to squelch any fears you may have regarding ‘healers’ and ‘healing’ as being ‘evil’ or ‘against nature’ or ‘religion.’ The Bible is full of reports of healings and ‘God’s gifts’ to us. Science is discovering daily the power of the human mind upon the body. How could anything ‘evil’ give such relief, comfort and peace?

 As you read, you may think I use the words ‘overwhelming,’ ‘wonderful,’ and ‘miracle’ too often, but bear with me. I have been privileged to be an eye-witness to many of these ‘miracles.’ I have been able to talk at length with those who were ‘overwhelmed’ by their healings. ‘Wonderful’ feels totally inadequate to say when we describe Dr. Saul Shaye.

 Dr. Shaye takes no credit whatsoever for these ‘miracles.’ He believes he is a conduit for God’s Healing Energy, sending it to whatever area needs healed. Many people have been able to see a golden light enter through his head and out his hands as he does the spiritual healing. Time and distance do not matter; healings can be done on the phone, half way around the world. 

I’d like to take a few moments to tell you of the healings I have witnessed in hopes that you will see the wide variety of problems that are within the realm of Dr. Shaye’s gift, such as: 

A young woman due to go in for risky spinal surgery, a last resort so dangerous that she had already picked out her casket and made up her will. She had gone to church in her wheel chair to say goodbye to her friends... Dr. Shaye was there that day. She left her healing session and asked the congregation if anyone there could use a wheelchair. She has since quit wearing her braces and has fully regained the use of her legs. 

A business man in his 50’s who came reluctantly and grudgingly at his wife’s insistence to accompany her during her session. He assured us there was ‘absolutely nothing wrong with him and he didn’t believe in this baloney.’ He appeared to be very healthy, but mad at the world with a scowl on his face. He didn’t look like the same man when he left the session. A smile had replaced the scowl; he glowed with a peace I doubt he had felt for a long time. He looked me straight in the eye and said, proudly, “He’s OK” as he shook his head in amazement. 

A dear friend living in a remote area of Thailand had suffered for months with what started out as a small insignificant cut, but quickly became a full-blown, life-threatening, oozing, growing hole in the calf of her leg.

She had seen Dr. Shaye’s work while in the states... (See my dedication). She had her Thai friends carry her into the village where she called me on the phone and had me make the arrangements for a certain time for receiving and for Dr. Shaye to send the healing. At the designated time, the healing was sent. The wound healed completely with in a couple of days... half way around the world... WONDERFUL! 

A dear little fragile lady with leg braces understandably depressed yet so determined to remain active that she struggled through her walk everyday with the aid of her dear husband. She had a healing with Dr. Shaye and although she still has braces on her legs, they say the healing was a success. Now her walk is easier, she barely has to hold on to his arm, they appear to be walking together. Her attitude has changed, she has a smile on her face and a cheery hello to all who pass, no longer struggling to walk, wit her eyes to the ground avoiding those who passed by. 

A pretty 20 year-old girl, with intense back pain left over from a car accident. She said the healing was immediate... the pain was gone. She was so grateful. Then she said, pointing to her brow, “I wish something could be done about my face.” Dr. Shaye asked what the problem was. “The nerve was cut and they tell me that it can never be fixed.” Only a small scar was visible on her right cheek, the right side of her face didn’t move like the left side and she couldn’t raise her eyebrow.

Dr. Shaye was quiet for a minute, and then he said, “Maybe you should go over and look in the mirror. She went to the mirror and squealed with delight. She could raise her eyebrow! Tears of joy streamed down her pretty face. No wonder... in a few minutes, she had become pain free and had her pretty face back. Miracle? I think so. 

A 30 year old lady in such pain she could barely walk up the stairs to visit Dr. Shaye. She had to work two jobs, both keeping her on her feet until the bottom of her feet felt like sharp needles were jabbing her with every step. Every step was unbearable. The healing was immediate; she danced around the room, testing her now very comfortable feet. This may seem like such a little thing, but to her it was a miracle.

 A strength and fitness coach to a major league football team relies on Dr. Shaye to keep him in good shape and free of pain and even keeps Dr. Shaye on a retainer and calls from all over the country as needed.

 A young wife with back pain so severe she had to make her bed on her knees. After one quick session with Dr. Shaye her back was fine. She says now the only time she has to get on her knees at the bedside is to pray … and she thanks God for the gift he has given to Dr. Shaye.

 My own precious granddaughter had fallen from her horse as a child. The doctors told her that sooner or later she would probably require some back surgery for the disc injury. The pain increased year after year, but she suffered through it all through college. She was thrilled when she got her first teaching job, but that was short-lived. She couldn’t make it through the day. Writing on the blackboard was unbearable. She had to lie on the floor and have someone push on her back to get any relief.

I was up visiting with her and convinced her to call Dr. Shaye. That night she thought the pain had gotten much worse, but somehow she made it through the night. The next day the pain was mostly gone and within a couple of days, the pain was gone entirely, she is still pain free today.

 I was visiting with a young lady who had had a very successful healing session with Dr. Shaye. I couldn’t help but notice her sickly cats. They could barely move about the house. She said it was too bad that Dr. Shaye couldn’t help them too. I agreed, but even I wouldn’t have imagined that could happen.

I didn’t think any more about it, but on my next visit I was relieved to see that she had put them out of their misery and replaced them with two younger, playful, healthy looking cats. I offered my condolences on the loss of the cats, to which she just laughed. “Those cats are the same ones that I have had for years.” I looked again in disbelief.

“I called Dr. Shaye for a healing for them, and it worked wonderfully.” I sat dumbfounded.

Since that time we have had many successful healings on animals. Let’s think about this: an animal has no way of rejecting or accepting, the healing energy has no obstacles. no preconceived notions. They just are. Maybe we should all take a lesson from those cats, be totally open, not accepting or rejecting, just being.

A 57 year old woman, sick for a year and a half with complications from gall bladder surgery, was at the end of her rope, trying to hold down her position in real estate sales. It had become next to impossible due to the constant nausea and uncontrollable bowel problems to show property, handling the day to day travel and public activities necessary in her job. The doctors refused to do any further surgery to correct the problem, telling her that she just had to accept the fact that she would have to take the prescribed medicine the rest of her life. LIFE? Even with the medicine, what kind of life was this? She didn’t even want to go on this way.

Luckily a friend had heard of a Dr. Shaye... a spiritual healer who was doing sessions in the area. She refused at first to even consider such a thing, but for whatever reason, decided at the last minute to go for a session. The healing was total and immediate and now, eight years later, she is still in good shape and happy with her life. I KNOW... THAT LADY IS ME!!! 

I want to give you a few more examples of cases I have personal knowledge about before I go on to the testimonial letters, mainly to show you the wide range of possibilities , so that you may see how this might help you too. 

*A man with leukemia had a complete reversal overnight after a long-distance phone healing session. 

*A woman who had a stroke and lost the ability to speak, began to speak right after a session. 

*A man with aids (HIV) was in intensive care and not expected to live through the night, was released from intensive care unit the following day after Dr. Shaye’s healing session. 

*A woman called asking for a healing on her feet. Two weeks later she called shouting, “Hallelujah, praise the Lord.” Dr. Shaye asked her why she was shouting, and she said she had received the healing on her feet. This is not unusual, however, in her case, she had been born with a deformed foot, one much smaller than the other. Within the two weeks, the feet had become the same. It would no longer necessary to buy two pair of shoes. She planned to spend her days praising the Lord for lov                     ing her so much. 

*A small child observing the healing of a relative asked if Dr. Shaye could help to remove a huge birthmark on his face. He is delighted today, most of the pigmentation has left his precious face.  

*Relationship healing also works .. a woman’s anger of 20 years at her parents was gone after just one healing session. 

*A woman asked for a healing of her marriage. That night after the healing her husband embraced for the first time in 20 years. 

*Co-workers solved their differences within a day after one of them asked for a relationship healing. 

Financial healings work for individuals and churches alike. 

*A couple who thought closing their business was just days away, received a financial healing of unexpected back accounts receivable and new contracts within days. 

*A church was thousands of dollars behind, but within days of the healing, received donations of $2,000, then another $2,000, and suddenly they were $500 ahead on the books. 

*Another church was unable to pay the minister for many months and needed money for the mortgage carriers. Dr. Shaye was speaking at the church and the minister asked for a financial healing. Dr. Shaye said, “you want it.. you’ve got it.” The healing came through with flying colors ~ two unexpected donations of $5,000 each within a week. 

*A very small church asked for a healing and received a check for $1,000 in the collection plate, totally unusual for this small church. 

How about career healings?

*A woman artist wanted her paintings to become more accepted. Within a week after the career healing, she was contacted by a studio and they offered to put her paintings on exhibit. 

Can you bank a healing? (Even Dr. Shaye didn’t know about this one.) 

*The lady explained that she was about to have serious jaw surgery and wanted to have a healing banked or held by her to use after surgery. Dr. Shaye never questions whether a request will work or not. He just steps aside and lets God’s spiritual healing flow. Sure enough, the doctors were amazed at how well she came through the surgery and how fast she recovered. SHE knows .. it was her ‘healing in the bank.’




DR. Saul Shaye was a chiropractor by day and a healer by night form October, 1975, to January, 1993. By day he worked with his physical hands at his clinic. In the evening, he worked with hands of radiating light, doing spiritual healing to treat people who were often hundreds of miles away. Since January, 1993, Dr. Shaye has been doing the spiritual healing work full time.

In the beginning days of his healing and lecturing, he was traveling most of the year in his car, in and out of motel rooms, struggling with luggage, paperwork, laundry, whatever it took to do God’s work. Then he acquired a used motor home to make being on the road 50 weeks a year more manageable and allowing more time to help people all over the country.

Response to Treatment 

Dr. Shaye can communicate with the body with energy by dowsing with his hands, asking anything dealing with health matters. He receives a 'yes' or 'no' response based on the question. Dr. Shaye’s patients have experienced many different types of responses to the spiritual healing treatments.

A visible balancing of the spinal connection is observed 95% of the time. Other healing sensations that have been experienced include heat, tingling, stretching, colors, mental images, a sense of peace and an overriding sense of love. Spiritual healing treatments have produced a much faster response than physical treatments, often with conditions Dr. Shaye would not be able to treat or would not have the knowledge on how to treat.


After surviving a near fatal motorcycle accident at the age of 20, Dr. Shaye’s life took an abrupt turn. He left his home in Brooklyn, New York, and moved to Monroe, Louisiana, where he earned his undergraduate degree and worked on his Masters in vertebrate zoology at Northeast Louisiana University.

 In 1973, while Dr. Shaye was working on his doctorate in chiropractic in Iowa, he attended a workshop on psychic diagnosis, intent on disproving the technique. After attending the workshop, Dr. Shaye found, to his surprise, that he too could read and diagnose by sensing energy fields. This lead him in 1975 to the Edgar Cayce book There Is a River at which time he became convinced of the existence of spirit.

Spiritual matters them became the most important part of his life and his knowledge of reading energy fields has grown with the years. In 1980, through inner guidance, he discovered that he could ‘channel’ energy to treat people’s spines, but without physical contact.  He learned from sensitives that he was working with a form of spiritual energy which is seen by some psychics as a golden light flowing from his hands and surrounding the patient’s body during diagnosis and treatment. The energy affects the etheric body, which transforms and heals the physical body. Initially, Dr. Shaye only worked with the spine by spiritual healing, but he has since discovered that he could treat a host of ailments. 

Dr. Shaye believes that all things are possible with God. Jesus said, “All these things and more shall ye do through faith in the Father. When Jesus was asked why a blind man was born that way. Was it something he did or that his parents did?" Jesus answered, “Neither, but to give glory to God.” Saul gives all the GLORY TO GOD. 

Trust in God, and following his instincts .. that “knowing” you must do a certain thing but not knowing quite why, lead Dr. Shaye to make an unexpected and financially straining trip to England. He had just returned from speaking in Scotland, but felt compelled to accept an invitation to speak at the London Festival of Mind, Body and Spirit, a very prestigious group. He made the trip and he spoke to a rather small group, but was not to learn until months later, what the impact would have on his future decisions to do healing on a full time basis.  

Some months after the trip, the mail brought him a newspaper clipping with the headlines shouting out, “HEALING HANDS THAT DON’T TOUCH” The article went on to tell of a healing done by Dr. Shaye on a blind woman, the wife of Dr. Steve Rudd. They had gone to the London Festival of Mind, Body and Spirit, where Mrs. Rudd was a volunteer at the workshop conducted by Dr. Shaye. 

She said that in a split second after the start of the session, she felt very hot and began to sweat. She got up and could see again, and burst into tears. Dr. Rudd, after seeing his wife’s response and observing what Dr. Shaye did and said, found he also could do this type of healing. The gift is from God, so there is no wonder with Dr. Shaye that it can be done by others .. and is! WE can better understand why Dr. Shaye felt compelled to give up his very successful chiropractic clinic and pursue the spiritual healing full time. 

Dr. Shaye describes his private session as follows:

I scan over the body asking if there is something I can do to help with spiritual healing for the particular problem (pain, emotions, finances, etc.) I dowse with my hands to get a 'yes' or a 'no'. I then go into an altered state (alpha), although I remain totally conscious, spirit works through me. After the spiritual healing, I physically work the spinal muscle trigger points with my own technique of vibrational acupressure. By myself I can do little, but by the power of God working through me, I can do all things. 

Dr. Shaye believes in dreams. Dreams have played a major part in the unfolding of Dr. Shaye’s spiritual abilities. He has recorded over 18,000 of his dreams since 1975. Dreams have shown him how to do spiritual healing in several different ways, with each new step appearing when he was ready to receive it. “In one dream, a teacher gave me a choice between spirit and great wealth. I was tempted with wealth, but chose Spirit. I was then transformed. Matthew 6:33 ~ Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.’” 

Besides operating the Shaye Chiropractic Clinic from 1975 to 1993, Dr. Shaye has been lecturing on healing, wellness and dreams, both in the United States and in seven other countries. He has written articles on health, energy and dreams and has been an avid sports participant in track, weight lifting, body building and karate. 


1975 ~ Doctorate of Chiropractic

            Palmer College

            Davenport, Iowa


1972~ Graduate School

            N.L.U. Vertebrate Zoology

            Monroe, Louisiana


1971 ~ B.S. in Biology

            Northeast Louisiana University

            Monroe, Louisiana

Major Presentations

Association of Research & Enlightenment (A.R.E.)

  All around the United States

  Brisbane, Australia

  Paris, France

Fellowship of Inner Light, Virginia Beach (2 times)

Festival of Mind, Body, Spirit in London, England

Findhorn Foundation in Scotland (11 times)

Kosmos in Amsterdam, Holland

Universal Holistic Healers Association (7 times)

New Life Expo

Nat’l Federation of Spiritual Healers of America

Discovery Expo

Holistic Health & Environment Expo

252 Unity Churches in the U.S., Canada and Great Britain

43 Churches of Religious Science

Further information on any of these presentations is available upon request. See address for ordering: PO Box 2779, Monroe, LA 71207 ~ 1-239-910-1793

Their Words

“Miracles do not happen in contradiction to nature, but only in contradiction to that which is known to us in nature.” ~ St. Augustine 

Today, Dr. Shaye travels the country, giving lectures and workshops. As you will see on the pages that follow, this gentle and gifted man is welcome by churches, metaphysical groups and bookstores. They have given him their highest recommendations. Those of us who have been the recipients of his healing gift feel overwhelmed with gratitude and are eager to tell the world so that they may also share in the wonderful gift. Their testimonial letters are also included that you maybe better understand and open your heart and your mind to the possibilities. Know that there IS freedom from pain, illness and despair. 

The years of healings have produced enough ‘miracles’ to fill volumes. We have tried to give a wide enough variety of cases so that you can see that almost anything you could need work on can be handled through Dr. Shaye’s spiritual healing. From the simplest twisted ankle, headache, burns and cuts, to severely sprained backs and joints, tumors, cancer, lung and heart problems, and yes, help for your pets. Recently, fertility healing has been successful also. And don’t forget, relationships and financial healings. Read on to see how these possibilities can work for you 

B.W ~ Fort Myers, FL

I was suffering from severe sinusitis, pressure behind my eyes, and infected right ear, dizziness, nausea, vomiting and a high fever. Luckily, I was visiting with a friend who knew of Dr. Shaye’s success in long distance healing. She made a phone call to Dr. Shaye that evening.

The moment Dr. Shaye started the healing session I felt a rippling or a gentle wave start at my feet and work its way up to my head. I was instantly well. My head was clear, no fever, no pressure behind my eyes, no pain, no fatigue and no nausea. I was very hungry and was able to eat well and was able to enjoy every bite. Then I paused to thank God for His love and caring and for His beautiful instrument of love and peace He has chosen to work through here on earth ~ Dr. Saul Shaye.

PS.. We had a good laugh the next morning when I realized that not only had Dr. Shaye healed the problem in my right ear, he had healed over the pierced ear hold I used for my earring. I had to remake the hole.


Special thanks to Maria Hamlin of Santa Fe, N.M. The following is an excerpt from a newsletter she wrote and sent out after her healing session with Dr. Shaye.

Well, I have had the most healing experience of my life. My crooked spine is straight, shoulders more even, where I have always dipped far to the right. The right leg is lengthened to equal the left leg and what brings great joy and tears is that my right leg is no longer crooked! The right foot is also realigned with more of the arch touching the ground and the foot stands straight out in front of me now, no longer twisted and turned.  

All this occurred within the ‘twinkle of an eye.’ I was wearing slacks during the healing session and was not aware of anything other than standing evenly and my whole right side being without pain or tension. It felt very weird to walk without listing to the right. It took getting used to. Later in the day, the other discoveries unfolded and through the weeks following, I found other improvements in my health, structure and well-being. 

Healing is a joyous experience, not only the result but the whole process is a heightened awareness of tremendous love. The mind is aware and in awe of the ‘miraculous’ occurring .. and come to accept the grace given. To think on any instance of either the actual healing experience of the discoveries made later as one revelation after another unfolded in my life, brings tears of joy to my eyes. I am so touched by the awareness of the tremendous love that heals me for I feel the LOVE. 

Thank you, Mrs. Hamlin. Your eloquent words will surely help others to know the possibilities and accept the wonderful gifts that can be theirs as well. 


M.K. ~ Buffalo, WY

Thank you so very much for doing a healing on me through just a phone call from my sister, Pat. I know your healing is what helped me. I could feel the warmth in my body as I sat quietly on my bed at the time Patricia told me you were going to do your healing. My tests came out very positive and my prognosis is excellent for recovery. I am so very grateful for your prayers.

PS, I just got married a few days ago. 


V.M. ~ Illinois

Thank you for the healing I received Wednesday. This is the best I have felt in four years. It was almost exactly four years ago the ringing in my head began. I feel like I can now pursue my dream of being a teacher. Thanks for everything.


J.E.C. ~ West Palm Beach, Florida

A chance meeting by a friend turned out to be a blessing. Had many physical problems and needed direction for all walks of my life. Dr. Shaye’s healings are exceptional beyond words. The quality of my life has improved 100%, along with my mental and spiritual well-being. I have grown to become very strong and function 100% better. THANK YOU! 


S.S. ~ Roseville, Michigan

What may seem insignificant to others is anything but that to a loving pet owner. Sherrill wrote, thanking Dr. Shaye for helping her dog, “Roughie.” The day after the phone session, the ulcer that had been so bad in Roughie’s right eye had healed about 70% and the tear duct in the right eye began to produce fluid again. She says, “Bless you, Dr. Shaye, for the work you are doing.”


L.M. ~ Boulder, Colorado

I am a regionally competitive runner in the Master’s category, no health problems. When I came to see you I was very skeptical, not believing you would have any healing powers. However, I was encouraged to see you by a girl friend. I raced two days after my appointment with you. Not only did I beat my personal record by 21 seconds, I won the race! At 42, I beat out the 19 and 20 year olds. Thank you so much,


L.M. ~ South Florida

            I recently had to call Dr. Shaye for a phone call healing regarding what I thought was a severe case of sun poisoning. My chest and upper arms and upper legs were covered with a red, lumpy rash that itched and was extremely painful. When I called Dr. Shaye and told him what I thought I needed, he scanned my body and told me, “I don’t get an affirmative on sun poisoning; it seems to be an allergy.”

            I didn’t question his conclusion, even though I have never been aware of any allergy to anything. He proceeded to do the healing and the rash went away immediately. Having complete trust in Dr. Shaye, I decided to investigate the possibility of an allergy, even though I didn’t think it could be. What did I eat? What had I touched? Why did it only appear on the covered parts of my body?

            Then I remembered: I had just purchased a new cleaning product from an infomercial on TV. The product worked fine, so I had decided to add it to my laundry.. Well, heck, if a little worked good, a lot would work better! WRONG!!! That had to be the answer. I rewashed every piece of clothing and bedding TWICE, in clear water. That did the trick and I have not had the problem again.

            I have told this story in detail because I am hoping to make a point. I believe that my complete trust in Dr. Shaye and his ability to pass on God’s healing has resulted in so many complete and immediate healings for me.


D.D. ~ San Diego, California

I suffered from manic depression, degenerative disk disease, varicose veins, lower back pain (sciatica), feelings of worthlessness, a long time loathing of myself, and unable to forgive myself of past errors. After one visit, 80% of neck and back pain was gone, large varicose veins no longer swollen, and I have peace of mind and no self-loathing. Thank you so much, Dr. Shaye.


C.A.P. ~ Flagstaff, Arizona

Two days after my session with you I was able to take 17 consecutive, unaided steps.. Something I was never supposed to be able to do without more extensive surgery. I was able to reach my goal of walking 30 feet or more on my 67th birthday. Thank you for your contribution to my well-being.


DM ~ San Diego, California

I asked you to release the block from allowing God’s energy to flow more freely through me. After my session with you, my back feels stronger and I felt more aligned with Spirit, stood taller and more centered. Thank you Saul and Spirit.


G.I. ~Madison, Wisconsin

            I would like to thank you for the healing session I had with you. You are a truly blessed human being. What better gift to give someone: Health, vitality and a sense of hope. These gifts are better than wealth and fame.  I praised God for bringing you into this world and giving you such a gift. I have done gi gong, yoga, acupuncture, meditation and taken Western ayurvedic and Chinese herbals. Never have I felt a better sense of well-being.

            I would like to gain more knowledge so that I can help and heal others. There is a lot of sickness and despair in this world, particularly in the African-American community. Thank you and God bless you for helping me along the pathway I have chosen.


B.S. ~ Palm Springs, California

            Thank you for the financial healing which only took 12 hours. The hernia problem no longer has any symptoms. I feel much more in alignment with God and have much more confidence.


L.W.B. ~ Monrovia, California

            I feel an incredible sense of well-being and harmony. My back no longer hurts and I feel that the healing is continuing on many levels.


P.S. ~ Austin, Texas

            I learned of Dr. Shaye at the Association for Research and Enlightenment. (A.R.E. ~ Edgar Cayce Foundation). I had osteoarthritis in my neck and spine (degenerative joint disease). I received warm vibrations through my entire body, the pain was released and the tear of joy fell. I had a second session a year later. At that time I received healing of my left ear, neck, spine and an emotional healing. Thank you, Dr. Shaye.


L.D. ~ Houston, Texas

            I heard of Dr. Shaye at the Carmel Temple from a friend. I had an infected root canal. Both tooth and gums were healed and are still normal saving me hundreds of dollars. The second healing, a month later, was to correct numbness in my right foot and leg. It was healed and I have had no reoccurrences. Bless you, Dr. Shaye.


M.S. ~ Toms River, New Jersey

            Dr. Shaye did a long distance phone healing to relieve back pain. Now I have NO severe back pain. He’s the Greatest!


M.G. ~ Ellenville, Missouri

            I heard of Dr. Shaye through the Federation of Healers. My problem was in the spine, knee and other ailments. I was healed during a phone session. The healing was not an instantaneous healing, but problems were very much improved. I will get more healings.


I.K. ~ Nuremburg, Germany

            While visiting Florida, you did a telephone healing for me. I was suffering terribly with seriously infected gums and teeth, my gums bled and oozed poison to the point where it was unbearable. As you did the healing session, I immediately felt a strange buzzing .. almost like ants were crawling through my gums, then a warmth and vibration. Before long, I could tell the infection was gone. Dr. Shaye,  I am truly walking evidence of your healing through God. This was not the first time you had given me relief from infection and pain. The other times were long-distance, both to Germany and in far away Thailand. Thank God the world has been blessed through your tireless effort to share God’s healings to all who ask.


Rev. Margaret Ann Schmidt ~ Cassadaga, Florida

            I asked Dr. Shaye to do healings on several areas including my right knee, my thyroid, my eyes and pancreas. I had heard of Dr. Shaye’s success in doing financial healings, so I requested money blessings for myself and our church. I felt a calmness, a balance of energy, my right leg felt so much better and had a great sense of relief in my lower back. My energy level is up, and I felt a complete healing on all levels. THANK YOU, DR. SHAYE!


C. ~ Los Angeles, California

            Thank you for your healing. It was like darkness was pulled out of me, and life back in. Nothing has felt the same since that moment. I seem to see clearer what is real. Your gift is so amazing and beautiful. There is always realization after your healing, and all and everything changes. Can I call you again? Having your help makes life hopeful for me again.


M.R. ~ Checktowaga, New York

            I was diagnosed with breast cancer (left breast). After the session I felt healed, but still went for a lumpectomy. During the lumpectomy, they checked the lymphnodes and also the breast tissue was examined and they all tested negative. Thank you, Dr. Shaye.


N.H. ~ Gaithersburg, Maryland

            Dear Saul, I appreciate so much your call to me from Hawaii, in response to my message. Thanks to you, my knee is fine. No pain, where it had been excruciating. Bless You! And thank you!


D.L.S. ~ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

            In 1985, I injured my back in a automobile accident. I had a herniated cervical disk, spinal injuries, my marriage relationship was bad, and I had just lost my mother. I was suffering from depression and anxiety. After the healing, much of the pain is gone. I feel a sense of peace and more control over my emotions, plus my husband has agreed to couples therapy. Thank you, Dr. Shaye .. Thank you God!!


S.B ~ LaJolla, California

            I had a reverse lumbar curve which caused chronic back pain and near-sightedness. It has been 42 days since my healing. The daily pain I have experienced for the last 20 years occurs only rarely. I am so thankful that I can walk, stand and sit without pain. WHAT A JOY! My eyesight is the same, but I probably could only accept one miracle at a time. Thank you, God.


W.D. ~ Kent, Washington

            I wanted to experience a greater measure of God in my life. After the session with Dr. Shaye, I felt very fatigued and napped that afternoon (I never take a nap). I had a headache all that day and the next, together with a feeling of anxiety. Then a resurgence of energy and the quieter sense of well-being swept over me. The change was subtle at first, but could feel healing energy passing through my body. Three days later I feel WONDERFUL! It’s now easier to focus on the divine presence. I also had an instructive dream. In essence, physical rigidity to be broken up and released so that Spirit can more easily move through me on a moment to moment basis.


L.H. Eugene, Oregon

            My dog, Ursula, had a completely erratic heartbeat, diagnoses at 6 weeks of age. This required medication every eight hours to correct. This was also a major limitation on my life, as I couldn’t be away from her for over eight hours.

            The Specialist was 110 miles away and every three months it meant that long drive. After the session with Dr. Shaye, she seemed better and I got permission from her specialist to discontinue her medication for two to three weeks at a time. I have just returned form taking her for her final checkup. Her EKG was completely normal, with no trace of the problem!

            The doctor just gasped when I said she had not had any medication for 2½ weeks. She was declared healthy and normal, no more pills or expensive trips to Portland. I cried and thanked God over and over. It is such an enormous relief. Thank you again for the vital work and service you are providing. I will remember you in my prayers.